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Microsoft Teams will finally be a lot easier to use on iPad and iPhone

Picture in Picture is coming to Microsoft Teams on iPhone and iPad

Apple druggies are set to get a welcome productivity boost when it comes to using Microsoft brigades on their mobile or tablet device.

The videotape conferencing platform has revealed it’s working on bringing Picture in Picture mode to iPhone and iPad druggies, letting them view multiple windows at formerly on their device.
This could mean druggies are suitable to carry out a videotape call on their device whilst consulting a useful document or donation at the same time, without the need to switch between apps and potentially drop their call.

Microsoft Teams Picture in Picture for iOS

In the sanctioned Microsoft 365 roadmap entry( opens in new tab) for the update, the company notes that,” the new Picture in Picture mode lets you see your meeting in an malleable window while using other apps on your mobile device.”

The point is still listed as being” in development”, but has an anticipated vacuity date of December 2022, meaning druggies should not have too long to stay. When released, it’ll be available to all iOS druggies of Microsoft brigades across the globe.
The launch is the rearmost in a series of productivity- themed releases from Microsoft brigades as it continues to try and boost the usability and effectiveness of its platform.

This includes a number of under- the- hood speed- related upgrades aimed at perfecting the stoner experience when navigating around Microsoft brigades, videlicet an upgraded frame which is now suitable to render HTML trees briskly, run JavaScript and contribute arrays more efficiently.
The company claims that these changes should contribute to a 30 speed increase when switching between Microsoft brigades exchanges or channels.

In othermulti-tasking news, the company also lately blazoned that in- app games are coming to Microsoft brigades.
Still, far from just being a distraction, Microsoft claims that commerce through play is designed to attack some of the topmost challenges of the mongrel plant, including “ floundering to make trust, produce connections, and ameliorate platoon morale. ”

It also lately revealed that recap for 11 calls and group calls is now available on the Microsoft brigades app for Android, giving druggies the chance to review exactly what was said, or if any details were missed.
Druggies will also be suitable to start recap for meetings on Microsoft brigades for iOS and Android, as well as being suitable to view the meeting reiterations after their calls have finished.

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