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iOS 16 is Cisco’s latest network operating system

iOS 16 is Cisco’s latest network operating system designed to simplify enterprise IT operations. Released on September 15, iOS 16 provides a modern architecture with a flexible and open ecosystem, enhanced programmability, improved analytics, and automation tools to accelerate digital transformation.

iOS 16 builds on Cisco’s vision for an intuitive, automated, and adaptive network experience. It delivers a network operating system that is modular, open, and cloud-native to support new capabilities faster and more effectively. The modular design of iOS 16 allows network administrators to choose only the features they need, enabling them to optimize resources and costs. A open and programmable platform based on open standards provides third-party developers the ability to build innovative network applications and software.

Cloud native architecture makes iOS 16 more agile and responsive. New features and capabilities can be deployed instantly without disruption. Regular software updates ensure the network continually adapts to the evolving needs of the business. A cloud-managed services model provides simple provisioning, ongoing monitoring, and automated upgrades. With iOS 16, network teams can deliver services faster while improving visibility, scalability and cost-efficiency.

Advanced analytics and automation optimize user experience and network performance. New analytics tools provide network-wide visibility with personal, location-based insights. Machine learning dramatically simplifies troubleshooting and network optimization. Automation accelerates mundane and repetitive tasks, enabling network engineers to focus on high-priority initiatives. Automation Scale delivers simple, programmable workflows to provision and manage large numbers of network devices faster and more consistently.

Cisco DNA for Wireless provides deep integration of the wireless access layer into the network fabric and infrastructure. It delivers a hybrid cloud network architecture optimized for digital transformation. DNA for Wireless simplifies implementation, reduces overhead costs, and enables data-driven insights to gain a competitive advantage. A consistent network experience across wired and wireless simplifies network operations while boosting employee productivity and satisfaction.

In summary, iOS 16 reinvented the network operating system to accelerate digital innovation and business transformation. It is simpler, more open, agile and adaptive to support new capabilities faster and with lower risk and cost. An intuitive and automated approach delivers deeper insights, strengthens security and compliance, and simplifies network operations. Cisco iOS 16 is the network operating system of the future enabling enterprises to achieve their key goals for operational efficiency, IT adaptability, and business agility.

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